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  • How much can I earn for my group?
    You'll choose the items and pricing for your web store! We can help you find great apparel, caps, bags, and most anything else to match your intended margins. Great sales also come from great marketing- the more students, parents, fans, and supporters you're able to reach with your web store, the more successful your fundraiser will be!
  • What does it take to set up a web store?
    Just a theme or design idea! We can take it from there. Starting with no artwork, or even a print-ready file, we simplify the process to take your idea to print as easily as possible. Aside from design work, we'll ask questions about your preferred apparel brands, or the pricing goals for your store. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and we're experts at narrowing down to your best fit!
  • How do we receive our web store orders?
    At the close of a web store, your orders are printed and then individually sorted and polybagged for easy distribution! Web stores orders are then boxed together for pickup by your group's coordinator, or shipped to you for free for distribution!
  • We have grandparents and supporters out of town. Do you offer individual shipping?
    Absolutely! If you'll be selling outside of your immediate area, we can offer individual shipping at checkout on your store. This'll be standard USPS shipping rates for single-piece and small orders, and UPS rates for orders at 5 lbs. or more.
  • Is there a minimum quantity of pieces that need to sell?
    Yes. Depending on the type of apparel, we'll have minimum quantities that we'll need to maintain. For example, we'll be at a 24 piece minimum for screen printed apparel, and a 6 piece minimum for embroidered or patch caps.
  • How do I manage and promote the web store?
    Social media, email, and text are all easy ways to share your web store! We'll also provide you with a virtual flyer for your store, complete with pictures, pricing, and purchasing instructions. This flyer can be shared virtually or printed out for additional distribution. As the store coordinator, you'll receive a link to track orders and the total fundraised amount in real-time. For school group & club stores, for example, this helps in making sure that each student who needs to purchase a group tee has done so!
  • How will we receive our fundraised amount?
    A check will be written for the total of your fundraised amount, and will be ready with your order at pickup, or will be mailed if your order is being shipped to you!
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